JAF Peacock

Source: The Freaky Cookie

Source: The Freaky Cookie

Album by Ivan Voltanov aka Zimmer-G

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JAF Specimen 2013–2014

Gift Chameleon logotype

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JAF Peacock is a display family inspired by the flair typefaces of the 1970s. It contains more than 1,200 glyphs, and offers the designer a complete toolbox of contex­tual and styl­istic altern­ates as well as exten­ded language support. JAF Peacock was produced in a collab­or­a­tion between Brian Jara­millo and Tim Ahrens. Jara­millo completed most of the glyphs in Illus­trat­or, and contac­ted Ahrens for refin­ing the typeface and setting up the Open­Type features.
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For more detailed information on the styles, see the full PDF specimen