JAF Cupidus

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The distinct feature of JAF Cupidus is its extremely high x-height. In our earlier rounded sans JAF Domus, we made the counter spaces as even as possible, to give the typeface a calm and spatially generous impression. In Cupidus, we extended this concept of “equalising the space” to vertical directions, which reduces the hierarchy between upper and lowercase letters. Although we originally aimed for a display face, we soon realised that despite its extreme design, Cupidus can work very well in text sizes. This lead us to create Cupidus Text, which is adjusted for continuous reading: looser letter and word spacing, and a somewhat reduced x-height. This makes for a surprisingly inconspicuous text face that can be set at tight line spacing.
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    La soupe à l’oignon se prépare en faisant brunir dans une matière grasse des oignons émincés.

    On y ajoute de l’eau, puis on laisse mijoter un peu avant de mettre la soupe dans des bols, que l’on passe au four durant quelques minutes. Cette soupe est servie chaude, en entrée. Elle peut être agré­mentée de gruyère râpé, de croûtons ajoutés au dernier moment et de diffé­rentes épices. C’est une soupe pour les repas ordinaires de famille. Mais c’est aussi un moyen de se restaurer en fin de soirée. Elle est alors consommée en dehors d’un repas, comme une boisson. En Auvergne, cette recette était traditionnellement faite par des bergers. Ceux-ci partaient en transhumance avec le bétail, et avec des matières faciles à conserver : oignons, saindoux ; ils faisaient leur fromage sur place avec le lait du bétail, vaches ou brebis. Si l’on veut faire une recette traditionnelle, on remplace le beurre par du saindoux, et le fromage par de la tomme de fromage, si possible de Saint-Nectaire.

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    The strong taste people asso­ci­ate with anchovies is due to the curing process.

    A tradi­tional method of processing and preserving anchovies is to gut and salt them in brine, allow them to mature, and then pack them in oil or salt. This results in a char­ac­ter­istic strong flavor and the flesh turns deep grey. Pickled in vineg­ar, as with Spanish boquer­ones, anchovies are milder and the flesh retains a white color. In Roman times, anchovies were the base for the fermen­ted fish sauce garum. Garum had a suffi­ciently long shelf life for long-distance commerce, and was produced in indus­trial quant­it­ies. Today they are used in small quant­it­ies to flavor many dishes. Because of the strong flavor, they are also an ingredi­ent in several sauces and condi­ments, includ­ing Worcester­shire sauce, Caesar salad dress­ing, remoulade, Gentle­man’s Relish, many fish sauces, and in some versions of Café de Paris butter.

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    Os pastéis de nata são uma das mais popu­la­res espe­ci­a­li­da­des da doçaria portu­gue­sa.

    Embora se possam sabo­rear pastéis de nata em muitos cafés e paste­la­ri­as, a receita origi­nal é um segredo exclu­sivo da Fábrica dos Pastéis de Belém, em Lisboa. Aí, tradi­ci­o­nal­men­te, os pastéis de Belém comem-se ainda quen­tes, polvi­lha­dos de canela e açúcar em pó. Em 1837, em Belém, próximo ao Mosteiro dos Jeróni­mos, numa tenta­tiva de subsistência, os cléri­gos do mosteiro puseram à venda numa loja preci­sa­mente uns pastéis de nata. Nessa época, a zona de Belém ficava longe da cidade de Lisboa e o seu acesso era asse­gu­rado por barcos a vapor. A presença do Mosteiro dos Jeróni­mos e da Torre de Belém atraíam inúme­ros turis­tas que depressa se habi­tu­a­ram aos pastéis de Belém. Pour la dégustation, une fourchette à escargot et une pince à escargot peuvent êtres utilisés. Ils peuvent être également servis sans coquille à l’assiette, ou sous forme de cassole individuelle, ou pour agrémenter divers plats.

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    Sunday roasts can be served with a range of boiled, steamed and/or roasted veget­ables.

    The veget­ables served vary season­ally and region­ally, but will usually include roast pota­toes, roasted in meat drip­ping or veget­able oil, and also gravy made from juices released by the roast­ing meat, perhaps supple­men­ted by one or more stock cubes, gravy brown­ing/thick­en­ing, roux or corn flour. The pota­toes can be cooked around the meat itself, absorb­ing the juices and fat directly. However, many cooks prefer to cook the pota­toes and the York­shire Pudding in a hotter oven than that used for the joint and so remove the meat before­hand to rest and “settle” in a warm place. Other vegetable dishes served with roast dinner can include mashed swede or turnip, roast parsnip, boiled or steamed cabbage, broccoli, green beans and boiled carrots and peas. In Scotland, the full breakfast, as with others, contains eggs, back bacon, link sausage, buttered toast, baked beans, and tea or coffee. Distinctively Scottish elements include Scottish style or Stornoway black pudding, Lorne sausage, Ayrshire middle bacon and tattie scones.

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    Dampf­nu­deln sind eine tradi­tio­nelle Mehl­speise der süddeut­schen Küche. Sie beste­hen aus Hefe­teig, der in einem Topf mit Deckel gleich­zei­tig gebra­ten und gedämpft wird, sodass sie einen knusp­ri­gen Boden und eine weiche Ober­fläche haben. Es gibt sie mit und ohne Füllung, wobei die pfälzi­sche Vari­ante grundsätz­lich ungefüllt ist.

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    Yakitori is made with several bite-sized pieces of chicken meat, or chicken offal, mounted on a bamboo skewer and grilled, usually over Binchōtan char­coal. Diners order­ing yakitori usually have a choice of having it cooked with salt (sh­io), or with tare sauce, which is gener­ally made up of mirin, sake, soy sauce and sugar. The sauce is applied to the skewered meat which is grilled until delic­ately cooked.

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    Rösti is made with coarsely grated potato, either cooked or raw. Depend­ing on the frying tech­nique, butter or another fat may be added (and usually salt and pepper). If not, oil is used for the frying. Often rösti is simply shaped inside of the frying pan. They are most often pan-fried, but can also be baked in the oven.

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    Metworst of boeren­met­worst is een harde gekruide worst gemaakt van stukjes varkens­vlees en varkens­vet. Metworst wordt tradi­ti­o­neel gegeten bij stamp­pot­ge­rech­ten als zuur­kool en boeren­kool, soms in combi­na­tie met een rook­worst. Tegen­woor­dig is metworst vooral in trek als snack, zoals de Gronin­ger metworst (met veel kruid­na­gel) of de mildere Friese metworst.

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    After the pomegranate is opened by scoring it with a knife and break­ing it open, the arils (seed casings) are separ­ated from the peel and internal white pulp membranes. Separ­at­ing the red arils is easier in a bowl of water because the arils sink and the ined­ible pulp floats. Freez­ing the entire fruit also makes it easier to separ­ate.

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    Skilpadjies is a tradi­tional South African food, also known by other names such as “muise”, “vler­muise” and “po­fad­der”. The dish is lamb’s liver wrapped in netvet (caul fat), which is the fatty membrane that surrounds the kidneys. Most cooks mince the liver, add cori­ander, chopped onion, salt and Worcester­shire sauce then wrap balls of this mixture with the netvet and secure it with a tooth­pick.

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    El pan con toma­te, una comida repre­sen­ta­tiva de Cata­luña, consiste en una reba­nada de pan con medio tomate maduro restre­gado y aliñado con aceite de oliva y sal. Es una comida tradi­c­io­nal de las cocinas cata­la­na, arago­nesa y bale­ar, similar a la brus­chetta ital­ia­na.

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    Unagi is the Japan­ese word for fresh­wa­ter eel, espe­cially the Japan­ese eel, Anguilla japon­ica. Unagi is a common ingredi­ent in Japan­ese cook­ing. It is not to be confused with salt­water eel, which is known as anago in Japan­ese. Unagi is served as part of unadon, a donburi dish with sliced eel served on a bed of rice. A kind of sweet biscuit called unagi pie made with powdered unagi also exists.

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    Ogórki kiszone, ogórki kwaszone – artykuł spożywczy powszechnie znany w Europie centralnej i wschodniej. Powstaje z ogórków gruntowych złożonych w beczce z twardego niesmolistego drewna, w garnku kamiennym lub słoju z dodatkiem łodyg i baldachów kopru, korzeni chrzanu, ząbków czosnku zalanych wodą z solą, które podlegają kiszeniu.

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    Chops are gener­ally cut from pork, lamb, veal, or mutton, but also from game such as venison. They are cut perpen­dic­u­lar to the spine, and usually include a rib and a section of spine. They are typic­ally cut from 10–50 mm thick. In Great Britain, the idea of a chop comes from the 17th century, when London chophouses started cooking individual portions of meat.

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    Bibim­bap is a signa­ture Korean dish. The word liter­ally means “mixed rice”. Bibim­bap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned veget­ables) and gochu­jang (chili pepper paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat are common additions. The hot dish is stirred together thoroughly just before eating.

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    Regens­bur­ger sind Brühwürste aus feinem oder grobem Fleisch­brät mit einer Einlage aus Schwei­ne­fleisch. Typisch ist die kompakte Form mit einer Länge von etwa 10 cm und einem Durch­mes­ser von etwas über 4 cm. Erfun­den wurden sie in Regens­burg in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahr­hun­derts.

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    Il lievito natu­ra­le, chia­mato anche lievito acido, pasta acida, lievito madre, pasta madre e crescen­te, è un impasto di farina e acqua acidi­fi­cato da un complesso di lieviti e batteri lattici che sono in grado di avviare la fermen­ta­zio­ne.

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    Lentils have been part of the human diet since the aceramic (be­fore pottery) Neolithic times, being one of the first crops domest­ic­ated in the Near East. Arche­olo­gical evid­ence shows they were eaten 9,500 to 13,000 years ago. With about 30% of their calor­ies from protein, lentils have the third-highest level of protein, by weight, of any legume or nut, after soybeans and hemp.

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    Surströmming luktar mycket kraf­tigt och smaken är salt. Ett sätt att äta surströmming är i en så kallad klämma. En klämma kan göras av två lika stora smörade bitar av hårt tunn­bröd med skivad eller mosad mandel­po­ta­tis som kokats med skalet på och finförde­lad surströmming emellan som “kläms ihop” till en slags stor dubbel­macka som äts med händer­na.

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    Los cala­ma­res fritos son muy popu­la­res en los países medi­terráne­os. Suelen prepa­rarse en roda­jas, rebo­za­dos y fritos, con frec­uen­cia poco tiempo para evitar que se pongan dema­s­iado duros. Suelen presen­tarse con sal y limón (como muchos otros maris­cos, se acom­pañan de un trozo de limón para condi­men­tarlo al gusto), o con alguna salsa como maho­ne­sa, alio­li, salsa verde o tzat­zi­ki.

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