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Brian Jaramillo with Tim Ahrens, 2010
OpenType, 1 style

JAF Peacock

Peacock is a collaboration between Brian Jaramillo and Tim Ahrens. It was formerly titled Caramel. Jaramillo completed most of the glyphs in 2007, and contacted Ahrens to help with the OpenType. Ahrens helped refine the typeface, and set-up the OpenType features. After a period of inactivity, the duo decided during the summer of 2010 to give JAF Peacock a final push to retail.

Contextual and stylistic alternates are accessible via the OpenType pop-up menu on the Character palette in InDesign. In addition, any alternate glyphs can be selected manually via the Insert Glyph palette. The typeface features 1239 glyphs.

JAF Peacock specimen   See PDF specimen for more info!