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JAF Facit Web consists of 12 fonts:

Trying out JAF Facit Web online

The Facitizer lets you preview your website in JAF Facit Web without any coding. Just enter the web address and see what it look like in JAF Facit.

Trying out JAF Facit Web offline

You can try JAF Facit Web in offline HTML documents without having to register. Once your website goes online you need to purchase a subscription for the respective domain.

Activating the webfonts

In order to use JAF Facit Web on your web page, simply paste the following tag inside the <head> element of your HTML document:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://webfonts.justanotherfoundry.com/Facit/" type="text/css" />

If you are working with a separate CSS file, you will find it more convenient to link it via @import at the beginning of the CSS file:

@import "http://webfonts.justanotherfoundry.com/Facit/";

Using the webfonts

Now you can work with JAF Facit Web much like you would with other fonts, by using the font-family and font-style properties, for example:

h1 {
  font-family: FacitWeb-Extrabold;
.famous-quote {
  font-family: FacitWeb-Semibold;
  font-style: italic;

Accessing the styles

There are six weights available:

font-family: FacitWeb-Extralight;
font-family: FacitWeb-Light;
font-family: FacitWeb;
font-family: FacitWeb-Semibold;
font-family: FacitWeb-Bold;
font-family: FacitWeb-Extrabold;

Each of these can be combined with font-style: italic, giving you access to 12 styles.

Minimizing loading time and volume

Unlike other browsers, Internet Explorer always loads all fonts specified in the CSS file you are linking to as described above. You are permitted to host this file yourself provided that you do not remove or modify the comment on top. You can remove unused styles by deleting or commenting out the respective lines, which saves download volume.

font-weight: bold

Using font-weight: bold is optional. There are two ways of specifying the bold weight, both of which load the same font:

{ font-family: FacitWeb; font-weight: bold; }
{ font-family: FacitWeb-Bold; }

Note that font-weight: bold only has an effect if used in combination with font-family: FacitWeb. For all other weights, it will be ignored.
Note, however, that deactivating individual styles as described above may lead to artificial bolding or slanting.